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Video Poker

The rules of video poker and generally the way how to play video poker is one of the aspects that make video poker favorite game but also for beginners and advanced casino players. Objective video poker is very similar to the goal of classic dishes - the player tries to assemble the strongest combination of cards and according to the "power" of the combination is paid him win. Of course this applies direct correlation that the stronger combination, the greater the win.

The actual game video poker runs as follows - run the game (either complete a new game or just a new round of) a player chooses how much amount he wants to bet. Following insertion bet player gets five randomly selected cards JokerĀ³ . Now you have some of these cards to choose which he will remain on hand and the other will be exchanged for other cards. However, in this step you need to be careful because in some games, the player indicates the cards that he intended to stay in the hand (those unmarked and he will be replaced).

Video poker machines in turn indicates the player cards that wants to replace (and tie him unmarked automatically remain on hand) - so you need to always be aware of how it works in a particular game to the accident did not make any mistake. Consequently, if a player is satisfied with their choice of cards that he be replaced (or remain in the hand, depending on the type of game, as mentioned earlier) and completes the round and the game marked his card replaced. If along with the new card has on hand some video poker winning combination , the player wins the amount by the payout table (called "payout table" or "pay table").

Some video poker machines offer the player after winning the opportunity to multiply his win "by betting" the color or character cards. If you win, the player chooses to multiply your win, so the game respectively slot shows him face down cards and the player has to guess either its color (in this case wins double their winnings) or a character (in this case, wins four times). If the player to guess correctly, it may seek to further multiply your winnings or he can return to the classic video poker game. If you guess wrong, it losing your winnings.

The winning card combinations, respectively, the minimum winning hand of cards that a player must have in order to win depends on the video poker variant that is played. There are three base video poker variants. Video poker variant that could be called as a fundamental video poker, video poker ordinary or video card draw poker. The name of this option is based on the minimum winning combination, which the player must have in order to win - in this case the pairs of cards J, J - that two jacks. Any pair of cards lower value (ie 10,10 or less) is not a winning combination and the player does not win anything

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