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Whoever wants to be successful in poker must be able to bluff. Of course you can play safely, only raise if you have a good hand and fold if they are too poor. This strategy works for sure in many games, but it's not going to help you go into the big pots in poker. The occasion for this is that you get to play against other players who bluff. If you do not learn this, you're going to ignore others' bluffs and bluff is a good strategy one should be able to!

Bluff basic technique is that you pretend you have a strong hand, even though it really is weak. One can for example choose to raise, even if your hand is far from good. The idea is that opponents may believe that you have a good hand by raising efforts. They have weak hands so they give themselves perhaps and folds, they think they're going to lose. This leads to win the hand, even if you have the best hand.

It's easy to bluff at beginners, though they do not even have just learned the strategy of how to face bluffing and therefore call all hands. It is best to create an idea of what opponents you have, then you can start playing aggressively and bluffing. If you have a lot at the table that takes a long time wearing (one can almost believe that every game requires rocket science), then you have a good opportunity to bluff and thus scare them out of the game.

If you play against the professionals, it's not as easy to bluff. Opponents come namely to read your game from the start, in the same way as you read their game. This leads to strange situations in which one can utilize their caution. If you can fool opponents into thinking that you are a weak player, even if you're skilled, you can create situations in which they do not understand that you're bluffing. It will bluff on the bluff, which makes the game exciting and unexpected.

Here the idea is that you get to play in a way that gets opponents to believe that they know where they got you. You play by the rules and so do you suddenly something unexpected. It is important that you play against experienced players when you do this. Beginners are not going to understand what you are doing, they just call your game when you sit with a player who always call no matter what happens around the table.

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