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In poker you can not just count on the cards if you want to analyze the possibilities of winning. The position of sitting in also affects the opportunities to succeed. The position calculated on the basis of the distance to the button. Poker position can be so critical that professional poker players attach the greatest importance at the position when they take out a strategy for the game.

Poker positions are divided into three classes and these are called for early, middle and late position. This relates therefore to how close you sit dealer button. You sit at a poker table with 10 players, is considered the first 4 seats left of the dealer who early position. This position is considered to be poor among poker players since they have so little to go on. Positions in poker player almost always a crucial role in how to play. This applies to both regular cash games and tournaments. It is only in casino poker and video poker where you play against a computer, that position does not matter.

In early position must have a strong hand in order to survive, and most within this position is about survival all raises that these players can make. Many people choose to bluff from the early positions and from this location raises one only with strong couple or secure combinations at hand. All other cards offer a reason to fold if you sit in early position.

The 3 players sitting to the left of the 4 in early position, sitting in the middle position. This is the location that poker players do not love so much, but it is not as troublesome as the early position. Here you get to play multiple hands, but have not the same advantages as those in late position have. If we are to have no chance to win from a middle position should the players sitting in these positions fold. One should nevertheless take the chance to analyze the game to players sitting on the early position.

The late position is the best position in a poker game. Here sits the last 3 players around the table, and here one can gather a lot of information before it is time to start the game. Here one can easily bluff and you use to say that one can play on, no matter which card you have, if you sit in late position. Doing it frightens often the other players. Since the late position gives a big advantage one should really utilize location and analyze the other players' strategies. A skilled poker player knows how to exploit the tendon position to their advantage by putting up a smart strategy.

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