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Free spins is a bonus as most casinos like offer when new players sign up and make a deposit. The advantage of free spins versus deposits doubling is that the bonus does not depend on the amount you deposit. If you deposit £ 500 or 1000 kr does not matter, you will receive them anyway. Some casinos are even so generous that they give them away with no deposit required. It is also possible to win free spins on slot machines, for example, if you achieve a certain combination when playing (such as 3 or more Scatters), but these must be used up at the time otherwise they will be lost. This does not apply for those you receive as a welcome bonus.

Unless otherwise stated, they can be used on any game at the casino that you registered with. However, it is usual with limitations on how they can be used and will usually only apply to the most popular slot machines. The most common is to get free spins on Starburst, but it can also be obtained other slots so as Gonzo Quest, Twin Spin, Flowers or Big Bang. They are usually activated once your deposit is registered so that you will be delighted with your bonus as soon as possible.

Personally I think that the free spins is the funniest bonus. It's great fun to see the balance increase at the same time as it does not cost me a penny to pull the machine handle. Over the years I have learned a lot about most online casino sites in Norway and I have tried to keep an eye on who is offering the best bonuses, even if they are updated fairly often. On this page I've created a list of the top 3 casinos when it comes to free spins, but I can not guarantee that the list is updated at any time. The list is therefore only based on who offers the most, so if you'd rather play at the best online casino you should rather take a look at reviews View left on this website.

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