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Scratch cards you find on the web are often quite cheap too - in the context of the need to purchase at your local store. And the store you never free scratch cards that extra bonus or other things. Yes scratch cards network is now here to stay, and you can expect to see more and more of these in the future. Look for weights at your favorite casino, or go to one of the dedicated scratch cards pages. Most of us have at some time tried luck at scratch cards. If we then bought themselves on impulse in the shop, or maybe got them as a gift on birthday - so is the excitement of scratch cards always the same. For there is something a bit special about this game. Even though it is so simple that even a child can understand it, it's just as fun and exciting if you are 8 or 80 years.

The usual paper scratch cards began to be popular in Norway in the late 80s. It all started in the United States ten years earlier, when someone came up with the idea to create a kind of interactive paper lottery where you physically had to reveal three matching symbols hid behind fields on the card. The idea was simple and quickly became a huge success. Of course it did not take long before there were dozens of major manufacturers of scratch cards.

But even if gambling online has been around for quite a while with both casinos, slot machines and poker - it has only now in recent years come virtual scratch cards. Better late than never, perhaps, for many are now beginning to become aware that it is just as much fun with scratch cards online as it is with traditional scratch cards. Man hath also some extra advantages to playing these online . Firstly, one need not stand in line at the store or gas station for virtual scratch cards.

Second, you can play scratch cards free online - something you certainly can with the real cards. They should always buy with cash before they get and can scratch them. At online casinos on the other hand it is not unusual that you get bonus money to the casino to play for, and this is yes free play money to buy more scratch cards for - and actually win money!

To play these online so the principle is really quite the same. You will be assigned a random scratch cards that have a certain number of covered fields. Then you can use the mouse to control the "coin" that you use to scrape off the fields. Often the case with scratch cards that you have several levels of gains that are possible. That is - you can get for example. three equal meaning a Small prizes of 20 Euro, three other identical symbols corresponding to 100 Euro, and another three which gives you 1000 Euro. You will often win the smaller prizes, but just as it is, you will also manage to walk away with pretty good money on scratch cards.

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