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Roulette has its roots in France as the invention is closely associated mathematician Blaise Pascal , who was in 17th century tried to create
perpetual motion , and along its invention to provide a rotating wheel that is very similar to today's roulette. Classic Roulette as we know it today was formed somewhat later, namely in the 18th century and since 1796 there is exactly the same as they meet her today.

Later in namely in 1843 , the two French brothers Francois and Louis Blanc decided to create a new variation of roulette, which will have only one box to zero (until then had zero roulette to two boxes labeled 0 and 00) in order to create a roulette which will be much more attractive to players because when the single zero roulette casino has a small advantage.

Across the Atlantic, the roulette gets into awareness through relatively late - in the 19th century - but her population rapidly popularity and it becomes a one of the most played casino games not only in USA but all over the continent . During this period, roulette definitely divided into three different variants. Popularity of roulette is not just about its exhilarating entertainment, great convenience and dictions, but one of the reasons why it is so popular casino game is just and its simplicity . The player does not need to know any complicated rules, procedures and principles.

The roulette variant is a player highly coveted because it is the only one zero field , so players have a much better chance that they manage to win . Roulette wheel has on its 37 boxes - 18 black, 18 red (both with numbers from 1 to 36) and a green box with the number 0. It is because of this house edge over the player just incredible 2.70% ! If you are a beginner roulette roulette you have never played, so we recommend you try the  roulette Varian t!

Roulette variant is easily recognizable - unlike the previous two variants of the two green zero box - labeled 0 and 00 - bringing the total
number of squares on the American roulette wheel is 38 , which among other things increases the casino advantage that the casino has over gamblers . Since the variations of the roulette wheel is one frame, which can not bet more, the house edge in this case is 5.26%? Because it is a widespread variant in all casinos because the casino (and of course the line casino) is preferable to run the roulette variant.

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