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Many new blackjack players get a surprise when they find out that blackjack is a game based on guesswork. Nor is it a game where decisions are made on whim. This makes blackjack differs from most other gambling games, which tend to only be gambling. Blackjack is a game that combines luck and skill so that each hand you are dealt has its own optimal strategy. To follow this strategy will ensure that you have the highest chances of winning the hand. To choose the optimal mathematical strategy for your dealt hand will ensure you in the long run maximize your gains and minimize your losses. Check our chart for blackjack strategy to figure out just how they play.

Most gambling card game lacks basic playing strategies as these only exist when the opponent does not have to take random decisions when it comes to its own. When you play poker you can for example not make decisions solely for the hand you were dealt or community cards were dealt. Your opponents can take any brand decision they want and you have no way of knowing whether they actually have a strong hand or not. Your strategic decisions will therefore be based on your assumptions when it comes to opposing hand.

Basic blackjack strategies work because the dealer you are playing against do not have the opportunity to use discretion when it comes to style of play. The dealer always gets a card face up and have to stick to very strict rules for hit / stand as you know. This way you always know what the dealer will do in a given situation. For many years there were no blackjack strategy when the game was played more like poker where players have to guess your opponent's next moves from a range of possible moves.

All this changed when Las Vegas casinos changed the rules to increase the game's popularity and created a blackjack game where the dealer only shows one of the two cards that are distributed and the dealer can only hat's under certain circumstances and must be under other circumstances.

These new rules affected the dealer and made sure his actions are always predictable, which also led to the development of blackjack strategies. Blackjack online is a very entertaining and exciting casino games that you can find in most online casinos. By playing internet blackjack, you have opportunities to win big cash prizes in your living room. It is not always as easy to find the best online blackjack games. Most actors involved in online blackjack games are admittedly serious, but there are also those who have had major problems earlier.

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