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When he mentions the word bingo, many of us imagine a room full of elderly people who do their paper sheet occasionally tick off numbers that we speak presenter, and occasionally some of them joyously screams "bingo". Yes, and thus could be defined this popular casino game, but in its present form due to various modern technologies has received much more engaging and dynamic look.

Bingo started gaining in popularity since 1930, particularly in the US, but in Europe it was already long since popular lottery game, whose origins date back from the 16th century in Italy. In the last decade you have bingo can play via the Internet, the game is more sophisticated, is faster, more accessible and more social than its original version. Online bingo has over time become so popular that many of the leading gaming operators create their own websites dedicated exclusively to bingo games . If you have a desire to try online bingo atmosphere, we recommend that you choose from the list below the best online bingo sites.

Bingo game is essentially very similar to the classic lotteries where the random numbers by lot. Bingo player can buy any number of Bingová tickets, which are papers on which there are three lines of numbers with nine columnist. Each line has completed five random numbers and four boxes remain empty. In the first column, there are numbers from 1 to 9, in the second 10 to 11 and so on until the last column from where they are numbers 81 to 90. Together is thus on the ticket 15 random numbers.

Subsequently, the players sit in a room where the moderator selects randomly generated numbers. These numbers can be generated by either electronic system or accidental pulling balls that have numbers written on each other. If moderators will report a number that is on the ticket, the player can enter on it. The goal is to have the greatest number, recorded numbers on one ticket. There are several winning combinations - can be a single line, which is marked all five numbers and two lines in which are recorded all three numbers or even three lines. The greater the number, the greater the win. If a player has checked all the numbers yells "Bingo!".

The first thing that you will be pleased at the outset, is a welcome bonus offered by most online bingo game. Then you can already take hours playing bingo with a minimum stake of € 0.05 per ticket . Variability of games varies, online games are different number of balls (most 75-90 balls), number of players and progressiveness.

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